Interview Skills Workshop

Will you be attending your first interview? Or you have attended several interviews in the recent past and have not cleared them?

Our Interview Workshop will help you to understand yourself better, practice how to get across more effectively and confidently with your skills.
A ‘must attend’ session before facing your next interview.

What will you gain?

You will gain access to the inside story of what Employers look for while conducting the interview. You will also learn about the different interview styles and how to prepare for such interviews.

This Workshop will cover some of these salient points:

  • What employers look for during the interview
  • Different styles of interview different kinds of organizations use
  • Dos’ and Donts’ in an interview
  • How to be well groomed & prepared for the interview
  • Important questions to ask in an interview
  • Follow up strategy post interview & salary negotiation.

How will this Workshop be conducted ?

Since it would have limited participants, it would provide support for each individual to focus on their learning curve.

It would be conducted in a congenial environment, would be interactive, warm and friendly. It would be fun too. We would have experiential learning from the various exercises that is integral part of this workshop.

In all we believe we deliver a great learning experience for you to be able to be successful in your next interview.