Potential of Banking Industry in India

  • Major policy decision by Govt by opening up the Banking sector, improved consumer confidence, increased spending on infrastructure suggest that the Indian banking sector is poised for robust growth.
  • The RBI’s initiatives like issuance of licenses for new full banks like Bandhan Bank & IDFC Bank, 11 payment banks and 10 micro banks as also new technological products like e-wallets, Tab-Banking etc is not only revolutionizing Indian Banking like never before, but would also require Indian young minds in large numbers to augment such revolution at the grass root level.
  • The central govt Financial Inclusion initiatives like PM Jan Dhan Yojana, PMSBY, APY and other steps like fresh capital infusion in 9 state run banks, facilitating easy access to finance by Micro and Small Enterprises by launching Credit Gurantee Fund Scheme, etc is set to bring in a new era in Indian Banking.
  • Standard & Poor’s estimates that credit growth in India’s banking sector would grow to 12-13 per cent in the coming years.

Banking as a career option:

  • Stable, growth – oriented and respectable career option.
  • Huge requirement for manpower in the existing Public Sector Banks due to retirement of large no of existing employees, Govt’s Financial Inclusion Policy & issuance of new bank licences by RBI.
  • General forecast is that bank jobs will grow @ 20% over the next decade.
  • Attractive starting Salary with Tenth Bipartite Settlement being implemented shortly and regular promotions with established perks (like easy loan availability, medical facilities, petrol allowances etc) in the Public sector banks.


Regular Course

The module has been specially designed for Early Adopters who would want to go through the grind slowly and early in the day. The 6 month module is aimed at helping in progressively building fundamental concepts innovatively and, thereby, steadily preparing you for the exams. Here you get ample time for not only clearing your understanding but also get sufficient number of tests and doubt clearing sessions with a personal touch from highly acclaimed Aaron Faculty team!

Crash Course

If your fundamentals are strong, then our Crash Module is for you! This module focuses on bright youngsters who will be hand-picked by us after undergoing a Preliminary Screening at our end. Intensive classroom teaching with sufficient online tests are the mainstay of this course. The research team at Aaron with its valuable inputs will make sure you are miles ahead of other examinees. Its SMART work all the way!

Weekend Special

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  • Calculation Techniques
  • Number Systems
  • Simplification
  • Square Roots & Cube Roots
  • Approximation
  • Percentages
  • Averages
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Problems on Ages
  • Time and Work
  • Time and Distance
  • Profit, Loss and Discount
  • Interest and growth rates
  • Clocks
  • Variation
  • Mixtures and Allegations
  • Algebraic formulae and operations
  • Quadratic order equations
  • Linear equations
  • Basics of Geometry
  • Mensuration
  • Sequences, Progressions and Series
  • Permutation and Combinations
  • Probability


  • Tables and Caselets
  • Blood Relations & Coded Relationship
  • Directions and Arrangements
  • Series and Analogies
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Logical Puzzles
  • Venn Diagrams
  • Numerical Logic
  • Visual Reasoning
  • Selection Criteria
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Syllogisms
  • Inequalities
  • Input/output Arrangements


  • Major Banks
  • Major Schemes
  • Groups, Organizations & Associations
  • Marketing for Banks
  • Commonly Used Marketing Terms
  • Business Terms
  • Basics of Marketing
  • Current Affairs
  • Awards & Honours
  • Economics
  • Literature
  • Miscellaneous
  • Socio-political News
  • Sports
  • General Knowledge


  • Reading Comprehension
  • Grammar I: Basics
  • Grammar II: Errors
  • Grammar III: Application
  • Vocabulary
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Cloze Passages
  • Jumbled Sentences
  • Probably/Definitely True or False
  • Strong/Weak Arguments
  • Implicit Statements
  • Cause and Effect
  • Error Detection
  • Sentence Improvement


  • Software and Programming
  • Languages
  • Computer Networking
  • Hardware
  • Microsoft Office
  • Desktop
  • Internet
  • Miscellaneous


Our subject books are designed to strengthen the student’s fundamentals. Hence, a lot of care and understanding has gone into preparing these course material which works like a guide book for the students.

Each of these books comes with a set of practice test to assess the students learning. The questions of these practice tests have been specially selected by our faculty members so that our students are able to relate to the topics taught in the class. Updated monthly Current Affairs hand outs are given regularly so that the students are always up to date with what is happening around the world.


Online tests are the most popular process for selection candidates for all competitive exams. This method of exam process has been accepted by maximum no of Govt Sector & other public sector for selecting the best candidate.
Due to this, our team of experts have created & designed the Mock Tests to help our students to practice effectively to achieve success. These tests are based on MCQs’. Along with Online Exam, we also provide various Model Papers (Offline) which are prepared and questions are selected by our experienced and esteemed faculty members.

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